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Blood of the Pure - Booktrailer

Friday, May 3, 2019

Blood of the Pure - Finally Finished!! ^_^

Hi there!!

I just finished uploading Blood of the Pure Chapter 22 to the Public. =^_^=

This  weekend I’ll be away, on work, so I made an effort to finish Blood of the Pure. And it's done, all 30 Chapters + Epilogue.

Blood of the Pure - Chapter 28 

Blood of the Pure - Chapter 29  

Blood of the Pure - Chapter 30  

Blood of the Pure - Chapter Epilogue  

I’m  now starting to compile Gaea 2 - Light of the Shadow. I’ve already  managed to make the books introductory page so, if your curious, check  it out -->  Like Blood of the Pure, the book is already finished. Just needs to be  reviewed a bit more, so don’t be afraid,I won’t drop it midway. I’m all  but ready to revisit Alexis and Aaran and I’m sure you will love them as  well :)

And then I still have to make some  time for some digital art >_> I’m redoing my book covers, so I’ll  have to somehow come up with a satisfying cover for Light of the Shadow.  If you’re like me (or better than me which is not that difficult -_-)  and like to draw characters, I’ll be opening a gallery on my site where  fanart will be displayed (of course with due credits and links to your  gallery or site if you have them). Just send me a message ^_^

So feel inspired, have fun, read a lot a have a nice weekend! ♥

P.S.  And let me know what you think of my novel, you lazy reader!! Or I'll  sick Leabhan on you! And it won't be pretty to see, I assure you!  Leabhan can be extremely badass when he's angry! =>_<=

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Blood of the Pure - Chapter 26 and 27

Okay, yes I'm being a bad girl >_> 

I should be updating my other novel but who can resist Gabriel? -_-  

Well, the truth is that this book has already been reviewed a few times, while Denial is a bit more complicated, and I've been so tired lately that I always turn to the easiest task.  

Since both chapters are a bit small I did 2 this time.

 Blood of the Pure - Chapter 26  
Blood of the Pure - Chapter 27  

If you're one of my beloved supporters at Patreon you can read them right now. If not (shame on you!) just wait a few more days and it will be public available. 

Right now the entire book is available until chapter 21.

 I hope you enjoy ^_^  

"Hei author! What about the cover for the next book? When will you do that?"  
The author looks up at the sky, turns around a whistles while pirouetting down the street.  
"Did you hear that? The wind, it's definitely the wind ..."

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Blood of the Pure - Chapter 25

Yay! Finally got some time and managed to post it, even though it was finished yesterday night -_-
Oh well, only 5 more chapters to go. And I still haven't managed the time to make the cover of my next book, "Light of the Shadow".

I love starting new projects, so although I do like Mari and Gabriel a lot, I'm really anxious to introduce Alexis to you all!

Gaea - Blood of the Pure - Chapter 25

(at least I'm being a good girl now, and updating things step by step)